Dogs and Hardwood Floors: How to Prevent Slipping and Sliding

We’ve written about dogs and hardwood floors before, explaining why it’s important to choose hard woods and a high quality finish. Still, just because hardwood flooring is the best option as a homeowner, it doesn’t make it ideal for the day-to-day life of your furry friend who will likely slip and slide on it.

Although dogs and hardwood floors can be quite entertaining, it’s not all fun and games. Physical Rehabilitation Veterinarian Shannon Budiselic explains that slippery hardwood flooring can actually be quite dangerous for dogs, including:

  • Older pets that have joint disease, muscle issues and eye conditions that limit their mobility.
  • Puppies that are less stable in general, and more susceptible to excessive joint movement.
  • Small dogs that often try to jump from one surface to another and end up hurting themselves badly from lack of traction.

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