Hardwood Flooring Abroad: Floor Choices in European Airports

When you think of an airport, does hardwood flooring come to mind? Perhaps not, but if you find yourself in Europe it might start to!

Sweden’s Airport – It’s Like Ikea!

Our Internet Marketing Manager recently realized just how much she has hardwood flooring on the brain; following a 10-hour flight to Sweden, she disembarked from the plane and immediately thought, “Oh, look – hardwood floors!” Of course, following this she promptly took out her camera and snapped a few photos.

With a clean look and feel typical to Swedish design, the airport, “Really felt like walking into an Ikea.”

Upon her return, we took it upon ourselves to research the Swedish airport’s hardwood floors. Although we were disappointed we couldn’t find any details about the stunning, beautiful hardwood flooring (which appears to be Red Oak), we did find that Sweden isn’t alone; several other European airports rely on hardwood floors as well.


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