Photos From The Field II

Rosewood & Stainless Steel Nightstands

We had great sunny weather last week; so we just had to stay out in the field and enjoy the sunshine. Here are some photos from last week’s excursion. Fantastic rosewood & stainless steel nightstands custom made by Superior Woodcraft.

There is something about the look of rosewood that is just stunning when incorporate stainless steel into the design.

River Sunken Mahogany Tables

The river sunken mahogany tables have been a pet project. I find it fascinating to think about the history of these trees. How long ago were these boards a living tree? How did the logs wind up in the river bottom? How long did these mahogany logs rest on the river’s bottom being sunken and protected in mud? If only these planks could tell their full story. We had two planks of river sunken mahogany that couldn’t be utilized on a job. These boards were too beautiful to discard and after being rescued from the depths I just couldn’t imagine discarding them. So, we invented a new life for two planks of river sunken mahogany. We custom designed steel legs and finished them with the look of color case hardening. Now these two planks of mahogany have new lives as coffee tables or small benches. We hope these two new pieces of custom furniture will provide beauty for many generations to come.
Steel Legs Color Case Harden Finish Custom Designed by Superior Woodcraft
River Sunken Mahogany with live edges

Superior Woodcraft brings beauty, utility and harmony into our clients’ homes and lives.

Superior Woodcraft is a local custom cabinetmaker located in Doylestown, Bucks County, Pa.


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