Unpacking the Package Deal

Designers have been making news lately launching online businesses that promise “affordable” design services. You send them a few pictures of the rooms you want designed, and they will send you drawings, sketches, floor plans, color selections, product recommendations, etc. You take it from there, either to do the work yourself or hire the appropriate contractors.

Many of these businesses offer package deals, so you know up front how much their services are going to cost you. No hourly fees or markups involved. Depending on how much design assistance you want, a new bathroom might cost you a few hundred dollars, a new kitchen a thousand or more. When you consider that designers on average charge $125 to $150 an hour or more for custom work, the savings are considerable.

So should you buy a package deal from one of these services? If all you want from a designer is to provide some recommendations and a road map on how to get started, then a package deal might be a good way to go, provided your project is not especially complicated. If, however, you have a specific vision in mind, want your home to reflect your personal interests and tastes, or have special needs, then a package deal won’t give you the result you are looking for. For that, you want the personalized, customized service that only a working relationship with an interior designer will give you.

Whichever option you choose, take time to research the design firm and get references from recent clients. Even a package deal is no bargain if you’re unhappy with the result. We can’t recommend a discount service provider, but if you decide to hire a full-service designer, contact us. We’ll help you find the designer that’s just right for you, and for your budget.


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