Celebrity Homes: Will Ferrell’s New York City Loft

It might be hard to imagine, but Hollywood funnyman Will Ferrell’s New York City loft shows a different side – his refined and stylish taste when it comes to his home. Along with his wife and three children, he owns a sleek and contemporary 2,800 square foot loft in Manhattan.

The loft is located downtown and was once a Victorian era printing factory. When they purchased it, it was dark and drab and needed a lot of work. Ferrell and his wife love history and a challenge so they bought the place knowing it had a lot of potential.

They worked with an interior designer to bring life and brightness into the loft and because his wife is of Swedish decent it has some Nordic touches throughout.

Here are some of our favorite features about Will Ferrell’s NYC family loft:

The Structural Elements

A lot of time designers go out of their way to cover up the structural features in an industrial space. However, in Ferrell’s loft they did a great job incorporating these into the home’s overall design. They left pipes exposed on the ceilings painted white, cast iron columns painted black, and an exposed brick wall.

Structural elements in Will Ferrell's home

Photo Credit: Architectural Digest

The Artwork and Pops of Color

We’re obsessed with the contemporary artwork found throughout the loft along with the coordinating pops of color added by the furniture. Their bright colored artwork includes an interior by Roy Lichtenstein (above) and numerals by Robert Indiana.

Color in Will Ferrell's Home

Photo Credit: Architectural Digest

The Bedrooms

Two of the bedrooms in the loft have a covered accent wall, which we think is really cool. One of the bedrooms has a wall that is covered in a hand-woven material made out of recycled newspapers. The other bedroom is covered in a sheathed in gray fabric that reminds us a map of the globe over and over.

Will Ferrell's Bedroom

Photo Credit: Architectural Digest

Will Ferrell's Guest Room

Photo Credit: Architectural Digest

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