10 Must-Have Decor & Furnishings To Design A Modern, Stylish Backyard!

Image source: asvo.org

Image source: asvo.org

Is your patio, deck, or outdoor room ready for summer?


Well it can be now! All thanks to the shopping I’ve done for you, someone who favors a more modern style in your backyard.


What did I pick out? Well…

I found some nice, comfy seating; an interesting coffee table with substantial size; some black and white items that will standout and make an impressive statement; and a few other goodies that are sure to provide a perfect splash of color.


While you’re checking out all we found…

Notice how we injected a nice neutral base with small doses of a few select colors. We did that to give you options later, you know, when you get tired of all that orange and would rather go blue, red, or any other color of the rainbow.

Oh, and those planters: They’re pretty cool, too. (I love their shape and colors! 😉


Personally, I envision this collection looking absolutely spectacular on…

Either a rooftop, a square or rectangular patio, in a covered lanai, sitting atop some black slate or grey stone pavers, surrounded by a black fence, or — even better — situated in front of a black house.

Sounds nice — right! Well I promise it looks even better!

Scroll on down to see for yourself — I’m confident you’ll feel the collection to be dramatic, edgy, fun, and comfortable, all at the same time. 😉

Stylish, modern backyard decor & furniture | Featuring: pillow; coffee table; planter; ceramic jar; chair + ottoman; walnut sofa; rug; tray; umbrella.

*Disclaimer: DESIGNED w/ Carla Aston is not responsible for the items on these boards. Please direct all concerns to a product’s manufacturer.








Walnut Sofa


Chair + Ottoman


Ceramic Jar




Coffee Table


Zebra Pillows


Squares Pillow

Would someone please bring me an orange-colored frozen drink — I’m ready to relax! 😉


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