Designer Review: Carole Shashona

Carole Shashona is a very unique designer who is known as a style guru and a wellness designer.

She designs jewelry and offers her products at upscale department stores including Neiman Marcus, Barneys New York, and Bloomingdale’s. She’s also an interior designer, but with a spin: she’s a feng shui expert. She has clients that include stars such as Reese Witherspoon, Jake Gyllenhaal and Eva Longoria.

Shashona graduated from the New York School of Interior Design and the Fashion Institute of Technology, in Fashion & Design. She also trained in Hong Kong under a Grand Master in Feng Shui and went on to become the first female Grand Master of the discipline. Through her spiritual journey in Hong Kong she was inspired to design her “Black Diamond” jewelry collection and expanded her interest in alternative design.

She specializes in sensory design and works to bring harmony to the home. On her professional website she defines sensory design as “coordinating and utilizing all five senses to “design” yourself and the spaces you inhabit in a harmonious way. It’s a particular way of self-nurturing—being able to relax or energize yourself so that you radiate beauty from within. This will enable you to live joyfully and to be a beacon of light and grace for others around you.” Achieving this creates the “Power of Wellness”.

Her “Open Door” Philosophy

In an interview with HGTV she shared her “open door” philosophy. From her study of feng shui she came to believe that a doorway is a gateway to new opportunities. Your home is your sanctuary, so each door in your home is an entrance to a predefined experience and purpose; therefore she designs every space to harmoniously achieve its purpose.

For example:

  • The kitchen door: nurturing
  • The bedroom door: passion and love
  • The living room door: entertainment and friends
  • The den/study door: enrichment, knowledge, hobbies
  • The bathroom door: replenish, relax, restore, beautify
  • The office door: work/creating

Her Design Approach

Her bio on describes her professional sensory design approach as going “beyond the structure of traditional visual design and creating the perfect ambiance and mood for each room and awakening the senses with textures, colors, fabrics and scents.”

Whenever she gets a new client she personally looks at the entire home to see how she can re-energize it. She also gets to know her clients to determine their life purpose. By doing this she is then able to design their home specifically for them and their needs using scent, color, and texture to create inner balance.

She said in the HGTV interview that out of all her clients, “each personality shares a common thread: having passion and seeking contentment and harmonious living”.

Have you implemented any feng shui or sensory design elements in your home? If so, please share what they were in the comments below and how they changed your way of life in your home.

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