Meet our Guest Blogger: Jeanette of Snazzy Little Things

Jeanette of Snazzy Little ThingsAfter connecting with Jeanette on Twitter and finding out she is a past customer of ours, I am so excited to have her be a contributor on Passion for Home!

Jeanette is the owner of, an inspiration and e-store site for home improvement, craft and interior design enthusiasts. She chronicles her own home improvement journey with beautiful pictures and detailed DIY tutorials, and has now evolved into a full-fledged online DIY community.

She and her husband began their DIY journey in 2011 after flipping two homes on opposite ends of the state where they both lived. She believes that one should always strive to differentiate their style, but still honor one’s budget. She loves and appreciate all trends, but she personally embraces classic styling that has staying power and won’t break the bank.

Jeanette will be the author of a monthly trends series that will showcase home decor trends! Stay tuned for her series and connect with her on social media!

Happy reading,


P.S. If you want to become Bestlaminate contributor please contact me directly at I love connecting with passionate people!

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