Flamingo Fancy

Funny how things pop out at you simultaneously, I was reading the new Rue and my friend Cristin from Simplified Bee is featured, her daughter’s room is delightful with its fab flamingo wallpaper, then I was browsing Kate Spade and the flamingo is all over her merchandise. That pink bird is popping up everywhere!

flamingo wallpaper

flamingo wallpaper and art

rue magazine, design by cristin priest

The pink flamingo lawn ornament has enjoyed a history of kitsch, going from trendy to tacky then back again, now people with great taste position pink flamingos around their yards as a symbol of good times, pink flamingos are also trending in fashion and décor. I think they’re especially fun at a party in summer, don’t you? You can buy a pair for your yard, here’s a roundup of additional finds in his popular motif so you too can get your flamingo on.

flamingo finds


handbag / dress / pool float / sneakers / espresso mug / iphone case / audubon print / cupcake toppers / plate / pillow / tank / wallpaper / cake candles / sheets

Also don’t miss these two fun DIY projects made with plastic lawn flamingos, the first is a croquet set from The Apron blog, the second is a flamingo sprinkler from Rain on a Tin Roof.

flamingo diys

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