Virtual Design – Is It for Real?

Redesign your bedroom or living room for only $185. It sounds too go to be true. Is it? Well, yes and no. If by “redesign” you mean rearrange the floor plan and pick out some colors and fabrics, then, yes, there are a number of online services that will do that for you on the cheap. If, however, by “redesign” you mean a finished project, with all the furnishings and accessories in place, the walls repainted or resurfaced, the proper lighting and window coverings, then, no, you are going to pay more for that service.

You may have seen some of the recent articles about virtual interior design and decorating services and thought, “Wow, I can hire a designer much more cheaply through the Internet!” The fact is, you are only getting a fraction of what a full-service interior designer provides. Design projects begin with concepts – drawings, floor plans, color swatches, etc. – but they are just that, concepts. It’s when you begin to implement the concepts that the problems arise. That’s when you want your interior designer most, to solve the problems, smooth out the wrinkles, manage the contractors, and make it all come out right in the end. A virtual designer is not going to do that for you.

At first glance, it may seem like using a virtual design service is a no-brainer. But think again. In the long run, a full-service design professional can save you money by avoiding costly mistakes and helping you make the most of your budget. So before you email that online service, contact us. We can match you with a designer who will work with you all the way, from concept to finished project.


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