Meet our Guest Blogger: Arastasia Rolain

I couldn’t be happier to introduce our newest guest blogger to Passion for Home, Arastasia Rolain. This collaboration is very close to my heart, as Arastasia previously worked with me at Bestlaminate.

Now a resident of South Carolina, Arastasia is enjoying everything the southern lifestyle has to offer! As a talented photographer, owner of Arastasia Photography, and skilled artist, Arastasia’s creativity will be brought to life in her posts as she explores her passion for home decor, design and coastal trends throughout her life at the beach.

Arastasia believes in using paintings and photography to inspire people to create a home unique to them, showing their personality and style. We hope you can find some inspiration through her posts and photos!

Happy reading,


P.S. If you want to become Bestlaminate contributor please contact me directly at I love connecting with passionateĀ people!

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