Is Laminate Flooring Safe for My Family?

Dear Bob and Betsy,

Have you seen the news? There are quite a few stories about the formaldehyde emissions from laminate. Some stores are even pulling certain types of laminate from their shelves! I’m concerned because I just installed this type of flooring in my home and I have two kids. Is laminate flooring safe for my family?

– Michelle H. 

Dear Michelle,

When you see the recent headlines that have made their way into the news, it’s normal to feel worried. Formaldehyde emissions aren’t something you can see or smell, yet when they’re strong, they’re dangerous to your health.

In spite of the headlines, we want to assure you that the vast majority of laminate flooring is safe!

Laminate flooring is thoroughly tested before it hits the market. If you look at the European emissions standards or California Air Resource Board certification standards, you’ll see how rigorously this flooring type is tested for formaldehyde emissions. With the exception of the few types of flooring that made the headlines, most laminate flooring has very low emissions, making it extremely safe and family-friendly.

Laminate’s safety benefits extend beyond low emissions too.

If your family suffers from allergies, laminate can ease symptoms. Dust, pollen, and pet dander are some of the most common household allergens. These small, yet powerful agents get caught in the fibers of carpeting, making it harder to breathe. With laminate, you don’t have to worry about the sniffing and sneezing because common household allergens don’t stick around for as long.

The smooth texture is safe for anyone at risk of falling too. Without sharp corners or edges, you limit your chances of tripping while walking around your house.

Want a little more peace of mind about your flooring? We understand!

The best way to tell if your flooring is safe is to look at the box. Does it have an E1 rating? If so, you can take a deep breath knowing that your flooring was tested using rigorous European standards and has been deemed safe.

You can also look at where your floors were made. The flooring that’s making the headline was made in China. Many laminates are not made or sourced from China. Many are made in and sourced from North America and Europe.

NOTE: Not all Chinese-made laminate floors are bad! Flooring from Inhaus, for example, goes to great lengths to certify their China based products. Check where your flooring was manufactured and research how your flooring was tested for formaldehyde emission safety.

As always, our team is here to help. Reach out to any of our flooring consultants to get details about a specific flooring.

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