12 Front Doors that use Wreathes as the Perfect Accessory

One great thing about Southern Homes – they know how to decorate the front of their house! We have put together a list of 12 front doors that use wreathes as the perfect accessory to make their home warm and inviting!

1. This forest green door that perfectly uses a nautical wreathe.

You could even make this yourself with one trip to the beach. Just gather up some beach twigs and shells and you’re on the right track.


2. This wicker-styled door combined with a  simple starfish.

Wreathes don’t have to be over top. Use a simple ocean feature as the perfect door accessory. Little effort – major impact!


3. This doorway that proves contrasting colors always appeal to the eye!

The use of this purple and green Greek-inspired wreathe combined with the red door make this front porch pop!


4. This ultra dark door paired with a vintage wreathe.

This door has an elegant appeal to it. The vintage & neutral colored flowers with the modern door really make this front porch warm and unique.


5. This door with a white flowered wreathe that reminds us simplicity is key.

This wreathe is simple yet so beautiful. The way the white flowers softly compliment the medium-brown door is perfection!


6. This monogrammed front door!

Wreathes don’t HAVE to be your typical round & flowered accessory. Monogram your door to create a modern and classy front porch.


7. This bright purple door with a very fall-toned wreathe.

This wreathe has all the colors that make you want to cozy up next to the fire. The warm red tones with pale green and beige leaves make this doorway interesting and relaxing.


8. This door and wreathe that is oh-so pretty in pink!

The pale tones of pink and orange combined with that starfish are plain adorable and sweet! Your guests will surely feel invited when they walk onto this type of front porch!


9. This robin-blue door and nest-styled wreathe.

This front porch makes us want to paint our doors blue this instant – so pretty!


10. This door that uses a wreathe BESIDE it instead of on it.

Now thats clever, use a wreathe beside your door to create a unique look. *note* this wreathe is sparkly and immediately grabs your attention!


11. A monogrammed door with a rustic burlap wreathe.

Why didn’t we think of this sooner? Combine old with new and you have the cutest doorway around!


12. Who needs a round wreathe when you can decorate your door with a flower basket?

This doorway just screams summer! This sunflowers with the orange toned door.. bring on the sunshine!


What’s your favorite way to make your home have an inviting entrance?

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