15 Signs You’re in a Southern Neighborhood

Southern neighborhoods have this distinct charm about them.Taking a walk down the street will never cease to amaze you and each time you’ll get a warm-cozy sensation as if you were just leaving your grandmas for Sunday dinner. Take a look at these 15 Signs You’re in a Southern neighborhood and see the many different aspects about the South that will warm your heart.

1.Nature is the best accent

Southern homes love to embrace nature! This home not only has beautiful trees and plants to compliment it, but it even has bushes in place of the usual white picket fence.


2. You’ll find colorful townhouses that melt your heart!

These townhouses could not be cuter – they’re colorful and adorable.


3. You’ll find big homes with big pillars!

The white pillars with that yellow house definitely add some charm!


4. Homes will embrace the red white and blue!

Proud of America & Proud to call this their home!

DSC_8455 DSC_8607

5. A walk down the street means a walk through beautiful gardens!

Between the 5 different types of trees and the gorgeous flowers that compliment them the walks never get old!


6. American flags and wicker chairs will be a common front porch accessory


7. Homes will indeed have that white picket fence that perfectly wraps around to the back yard

It’s like something out of a Nicholas Sparks romance movie!


8. There will be huge homes that are almost resort-like…

Sometimes you’ll wonder whether people live there or whether they vacation there.


9. And then there will be adorable cottage-like homes

This home makes me want to snuggle and read a book!


10. Homes will have nautical color appeals

A white home with ocean blue shutters and brown doors to accent them. I can smell the salty sea breeze now!


11. Doors will be colorful and painted

In fact… I think I will go buy that exact same color of paint for my front door right now!


12. You’ll always have a place to sit and read a book because every porch will have rocking chairs

If I tried to count how many porches had them I wouldn’t be able to keep up. I guess there’s something about the a rocking chair with a southern breeze and a big front porch.


13. The oh-so-famous Palm Tree will be there front and center to welcome you!

Another thing I would lose track of if I tried to count – the amount of palm trees is glorious!


14. Front porches will have candles to light them

Take a walk through a Southern neighborhood and you’ll notice every porch has lit candles.


15. Homes will have carriage homes behind them for your guests

See the home behind the home? Just about every house will have one of these! They’re also known as mother-in-law suites! What Southern boy doesn’t love his mama?


Now that you’ve virtually visited a Southern neighborhood whose ready to pack their bags for a real life visit?

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