Designer Review: Fashion and Interior Designer Muriel Brandolini

Interior designer Muriel Brandolini didn’t get her start in interior decorating – she started as a fashion designer. She’s known for her inventive and innovative designs that push the limits. She claims to draw inspiration from life and has many influences from her Vietnamese roots as well as her ties to Venezuela and France. She uses bold colors, patterns, and textiles and has a talent for combing anything from the contemporary, to antiques, to modern pieces to create beautiful designs that provide a wonderful escape for her clients.

She told The Daily Beast that one of her motivations for decorating is to create ways to counteract today’s impersonal social media frenzy. “We communicate widely but never intimately,” Brandolini philosophizes. “Home is about intimacy. If you create beauty at home, you want to invite people in.”

She designs everything – interiors, furniture, fabrics, home furnishings, and clothing. On top of that she leapt past innovative boundaries this year when she opened her pop-up shop in Southampton, NY this Memorial Day! The shop contains items created by her that were inspired by her global travels and her childhood influences. In an interview with W Magazine, she said, “I didn’t just pick up little trinkets around the globe, I’ve taken my experiences and added a sense of quality and luxury. There is a little bit of everything.”

To get a closer, more personal feel of her style, here’s a quick look at her family’s beach house in Hampton’s Bay, New York that she shared with Architectural Digest:

Bright Colors

As you can imagine, there are bright colors and patterns throughout the house. Walls in various blues, greens, and yellows, with the kitchen in a wood veneer panel. The living room in particular is the perfect example of her style. The walls are a deep green with curtain panels in a red, a yellow, and a blue. The couch is a horseshoe shape upholstered in a funky bold patterned fabric paired with other antique or vintage tables and lamps. 


The pool is absolutely gorgeous with sleek lines from the wood paneling on the walls and ceilings to the large bulb lights on the ceiling that reflect off the sparkling blue water. It is on the ground level and is an indoor pool but has the option to bring the outdoors in by opening the sliding glass doors on two sides that open right up to the lawn.


The exterior of the home is so funky. From the front, it appears to be a single-level home because the lower floor is only visible from behind. The façade is covered in laminated wood siding wood that is done in a different color for each section (with the sections being “individually articulated rectilinear volumes”). It also has many large box windows on the top floor with beautiful sliding glass doors on the ground level that can be pushed open.

What do you think about her funky design style? Do you have any bold colors in prints in your home?

You can follow more from this designer on her website:

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