The Foundation of Modern Home Design [Hardwood Flooring]

If you want your home to reflect a modern design, hardwood flooring or luxury vinyl tile are the two materials you’ll most likely want to consider. In addition to being able to provide a clean, open look, both options offer durability, versatility and stunning beauty.

Defining Modern Design

First of all, how do you define modern design? There are a few key elements to this open, minimalistic style:

  1. A lot of light. Modern homes are known for airy rooms with open floor plans and well-lit space. Windows, skylights and solar tubes help provide a lot of natural light, too.
  2. Bright accents. Most modern spaces have neutral foundational elements (floors, walls and furniture) combined with bold accents (area rugs, light fixtures and upholstery). Metal details are also very common in modern design.
  3. Natural materials. Sustainability is important in modern homes; its seen through materials used throughout the area – from the flooring to the decorative accents.
  4. Contemporary details, such as lighting fixtures with an artistic element or hand railing made from innovative materials. They key is to add distinctive details without detracting from the minimal design.
  5. Hidden tech. Modern homes rely on wireless and remote access to lighting, security, electronics, etc. The more you can hide behind beautiful details, the better.

Hardwood Flooring for the Modern Home

Sleek, clean floors complement modern design nicely, which is why hardwood flooring and luxury vinyl tile are such popular choices. In fact, because modern design features such open spaces and minimal pieces, the floors really become foundational to the area.

Here are a few tips to choosing hardwood flooring or luxury vinyl tile that complements modern home design:

  1. Use natural and organic materials.
  2. Select a beautiful, high-quality finish.
  3. Consider wide planks (although they aren’t absolutely necessary).
  4. Keep it clean and simple (avoid distressed wood and patterns).

Want help finding the perfect hardwood flooring or luxury vinyl tile for your modern home? Come visit our showroom and talk to our experts! Remember to contact us today for a free in-home estimate, too.

Image courtesy of Lauzon Flooring


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