Art & Home: Wedding Edition

Today is a very special day. I’M GETTING MARRIED TODAY! This will be the last blog post I do with my maiden surname, which is still a weird concept to me. Despite having “wedding-brain” for the past year, I haven’t given much thought as to how or where I want to display my wedding photos! And now that the day is here, and all the wedding planning is over, that’s all I can think about! These are the pieces of my wedding that will be around for many years to come.

In recent years, wedding photography has strayed away from the traditional marriage photographs of your grandma and grandpa. With digital editing and photographers becoming more creative, wedding photographs today borderline fine art. So of course, you want to show these beautiful photographs off in your home, but how to do it?

Amp Up Your Framing Game

Window Frame Home Decor Idea

Window Frame Home Decor Idea from The Hamby Home Blog

You could frame your pictures and just hang them on the wall. OR you could use an old window and make a one of a kind framed piece!  It’s really simple and thrifty too!

Framed with First Song Lyrics

Personalize your first dance picture – in lyrics! Just choose your favorite photo and a frame with a mat that’s larger than the photo. Handwriting the lyrics to the first song you danced to as a married couple gives a really special touch.

Mr. & Mrs. Gallery Wall

Mr. & Mrs. Gallery Wall

Create an amazing Mr. & Mrs. gallery wall! Fill the empty space in your new home together with this beautiful montage of all your favorite moments from the wedding! I also like how this fits into it’s own little “framed” square! Perfect planning went into this!

Ditch the Frame!

Who says you even need a frame? There’s all kinds of way to direct print your photographs, ready to hang! There are metal prints, canvas wraps, and even pictures directly printed on wood! Pick your style and match it with your home decor.

Wood Prints from PhotoBarn

Wood Prints from PhotoBarn

Wood prints are a wonderful addition to a rustic home decor! You can hang them as is, or decorate them with a little hanging ribbon, like the picture above! Either way, the distressed look is in and probably going to stay there for a while.

Metal Print from Shutterfly

Metal Print from Shutterfly

Metal prints are perfect for a modern decor! With a variation of different finishes from matte to ultra-glossy, you can pick what fits your style. You can even do multiple pictures and incorporate writing into the mix.

Canvas Wrap from Zazzle

Canvas Wrap from Zazzle

Canvas wraps aren’t new, but they are still very classy. You can also incorporate writing into these and have filters added to make your photograph look like a painting! Canvas wraps are an elegant way to show off your beautiful prints in any room.

Love The Wall, Be The Wall

It’s you house. Do what you want. You want an entire wall collage a-la teenager poster collage phase, you got it. WeMontage is a company that makes large scale collages and prints them on removable wallpaper! How’s that for displaying your wedding photos?

WeMontage Wall Collage

Think Outside the Box

Love to DIY? Here are some really cool ideas to create unique works of art with your pictures! Do something unconventional. Something that is uniquely, you!

DIY Picture Floral Hoop

A indoor wreaths are becoming a thing! Hang this on the inside of your door or entryway to brighten your day as you leave the house. Hang it on the opposite wall of the door to greet guests as they come in.

Monogram Photo Montage

DIY Monogram Photo Montage

Mod Podge is king when it comes to DIY. Decorating a monogram letter is simple and crafty. Decorate with a collage of your favorite photos from the evening. This would be a really fun way to show off all the candid reception pictures!

Mod Podge Wood Vases

Mod Podge Wood Vases

Wood vases? Sure. Wood vase with your face on it? YES! Take a plain jane wooden vase and spruce it up with your wedding photos! This is a super cute place to hold all of those pretty flowers your partner will give you (wink, wink)… You could even put your dried bouquet or silk flowers from your wedding in these!

If you’re interested in looking at some truly amazing wedding photographs, check out the stunning work of celebrity wedding photographer Joe Buissink, who’s photo I used for today’s blog header! He is an artist with a camera and at capturing emotions from the day.

Are you planning a wedding? Want to share what you’ve done with your wedding photos? Leave a comment below!

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