Discover the World of Design

Exciting things are happening in design all over the world. If you’re traveling this summer, do what professional designers do, and keep a lookout for the latest trends. You don’t have to go out of your way to seek out award-winning spaces. You’ll find plenty of design inspiration wherever you go.

Some of the most innovative designs today can be found in hotels, resorts, spas, restaurants, bars, and clubs. You may come across the perfect combination of materials, fixtures and ambience for the luxury bathroom you’ve been planning. An open-kitchen restaurant may have just the vibe you’re looking for to expand your current kitchen into a social gathering space or to model an outdoor living and cooking area. Take a few photos, especially of any details you particularly like, and note how the space makes you feel. Elements like lighting, textures and plants can make a big difference in how you respond to your surroundings.

Eco travel is very popular now, and eco resorts are doing some very creative things with renewable and repurposed materials, as well as energy and water conservation. If having a green, healthy home is important to you, you’re bound to find lots of ideas and the latest eco-friendly furnishings in these places.

Later, when summer is over and you’re starting to think about indoor living again, you’ll have lots of valuable information to pass on to a designer. That’s the time to contact us. We can help you find just the right designer who can transform your inspirations into reality. Happy travels!


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