Designer Review: Katie Ridder and Peter Pennoyer

Dubbed a “design duo” by Architectural Digest, interior designer Katie Ridder and architect Peter Pennoyer are just that. The duo is married with three children and based in New York City.

The “Design Duo”

Katie Riddle opened her own design firm in 1995. Prior to that she worked for the decorating departments for House Beautiful and House & Garden magazines. She also opened her retail home-furnishings store on Lexington Avenue in New York City. She’s known for her ability to respect the integrity of the architecture and balance style with comfort and practicality. She told Country Living “Each room in a house can be traditional as long as there’s one outlandish element. I like each space to have a wow factor.” She isn’t afraid to use bold colors and patterns and applied that to her own fabric and wallpaper line, which she designs herself.

Peter Pennoyer is an avid historian and is passionate about traditional and classical architecture. He opened his own architecture firm in 1990 and it has grown to include four partners, fifty associates, and four interior designers. His bio on his website proclaims his “conviction that his firm could serve as a laboratory for the practice of architecture inspired by history. He has made the study of history the generating force of his firm and believes that by mastering the interpretation of architectural history, he and his colleagues design projects that are both modern and classical.”


Not only do their firms share office space in Manhattan, the “design duo” is known to collaborate on design projects together. One such project was their family’s weekend home they designed and built together in Millbrook, New York. They shared their Hudson Valley home with Architectural Digest, and here are few of the features that stand out:

Greek Revival Style Façade

Peter’s favorite style of American architecture is Greek revival style so the shape of the house is distinctively square with “fluted Tuscan columns flanking the front door”.

Second Floor Atrium

Peter designed the central atrium, with a laylight on the ceiling that has “glass panes embellished with a Greek-key border and a constellation of stars and allows for a lot of natural light. It also includes columns and 19th-century marble busts.


Katie designed the interior of the home and did so with her usual colorful style. The living room includes rose-colored walls paired with olive green curtains and an assortment of colorful furnishings. There is a powder room with a Katie Riddler wall covering that is a bright blue with white turtle print and an antique mirror with elephant sconces. In contrast to the color found in other rooms, the kitchen is all white with a beautiful neutral wall covering trimming the ceiling.

How neat would it be to design your own home inside and out! Have you made any colorful choices in your own home?

You can follow more from the designer and the architect on their websites here: and

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