How to Choose & Care for Bamboo Floors

Bamboo floors are a fantastic option for any home. They’re sustainable, durable, versatile and easy to maintain. But before you buy, it’s important to have all the information. What kind of care can you expect on a regular basis? And how do you know exactly which type you should choose?

Choosing Bamboo Floors

Consider what shade you want your flooring. Bamboo floors can be:

  • Natural, which is a light (almost blond) color
  • Carbonized, which range from a honey or caramel to a light coffee (although carbonizing reduces the floor’s strength)
  • Stained, which can be virtually any color you’d like

In addition to the shade of your bamboo floors, it’s important to consider the following options:

  • What type of finish?
  • Engineered or solid?
  • If solid, which type? Vertical-grain solid strip, flat-grain solid strip or strand bamboo?
  • How wide and long do you want the planks?
  • Which manufacturer? Teragren is one of the most popular at the moment

Maintaining Bamboo Floors

Make sure you help your bamboo floors last as long as possible by taking care of them. Here are a few flooring care tips to keep in mind:

  1. Position doormats and rugs at the doors to prevent sand, moisture, grit and other hazards from being tracked onto your floors.
  2. Use a dust mop or vacuum to keep your flooring clean. Make sure you use a soft accessory to protect your floors.
  3. If you spill something sticky, use a soft damp cloth to gently clean it up. If you need to you can use a generic hardwood flooring cleaner, but avoid anything abrasive like steel wool or harsh detergents.
  4. Protect your bamboo floors from moisture. Use mats in the kitchen and bathroom and area rugs in the dining room to protect from spills. If a spill does occur, blot it up right away with a dry cloth or slightly damp mop.
  5. Protect the flooring from furniture legs with non-scratch pads. Avoid walking on the floors with high heels, too.

Want to know more about bamboo floors? Come visit our showroom! Our experts can answer your questions and show you various options that may be a perfect fit for your home. Make sure you contact us for a free in-home estimate, too!

Photo courtesy of Allison Baerin for San Jose Hardwood Floors


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