10 Photos that Will Inspire you to Decorate Coastal

What’s more beautiful and inspiring than the world itself?  I have compiled 10 photos that will inspire you to decorate coastal!

1. A beautiful sunset with orange and blue tones

(these colors are opposite colors on the color wheel – meaning this color scheme will automatically be appealing to the eye!) Sunsets automatically give your home a warmth. Use this image to inspire a orange and blue color scheme and you’ll be feeling the salty breeze in no time!

DSC_8397 copy

2. This local festival picture will instantly remind you of summer and keep your home playful

The cool colors in this photo reflect ocean-like vibes. This would look GREAT printed on a big canvas and complimenting soft grey and beige tones.

DSC_4877 copy

3. This soft sunset with a long boardwalk no only uses playful colors but also incorporates lines and shapes

Thinking geometrically when decorating your home is always a great idea! Lines add contrast and an interesting appeal.

DSC_5923-2 copy

4. Turn your home nautical by following these blue and green tones and boat decor

Nautical inspired homes are a HUGE trend right now! When decorating incorporate boats, rope, anchors, and anything that follows a blue and green color line.

DSC_3259 copy

5. What’s more coastal than the actual ocean?

Of course using the ocean as inspiration to decorate is a given!

DSC_4131 copy

6. Use a black and white image of the ocean as inspiration to paint with color

Do it backwards! Decorate with all neutral tones and paint your walls with coastal inspired colors! Throw in a couple accent pieces to really make your room pop!


7. Another festival picture that will make sure summer never ends!

The blue in this photo POPS! This shade of blue would be so fun to use as an accent color! Think throw pillows, picture frames, and assorted nick-nacks!

DSC_4915 copy

8. Keep it soft and subtle with deep blues and greys

This photo makes me want to decorate my home with subtle colors to create a cool and relaxing vibe.

DSC_4548 copy2 copy

9. A black & white image, lines, and a nautical scene – perfectly coastal!

Like mentioned earlier with the black and white ocean picture, using monochromatic tones as your way to decorate really creates a unique look that can easily be changed up (all you have to do is change your accent color!) This image makes me want to find all the oldest paintings and artwork of boats that I can!

DSC_3265 copy

10. Lastly, a sunrise is perfect inspiration

“Every sunrise is an invitation to brighten someones day” Sunrises symbolize hope and a fresh start – use this sunrise as inspiration to give your home a whole new look and create something special that will last and make an impact every time someone walks through your front door.

DSC_9296-2 copy

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