Furnished Shelter Family Room

Today I’m very excited to share the furnished family room at the emergency Family Shelter in my hometown. The room install was all day Saturday, we brought in the furniture, hung the curtains and art, and turned it over to the families who were moving in on Sunday. Whew, finished just in time!

My local Committee on the Shelterless (COTS) is a non-profit that provides services to prevent and break the cycle of homelessness for children, families, and single adults. This shelter is known as the COTS Family Center, it has 11 rooms and serves homeless families with children. The length of stay at the shelter ranges from three to six months, depending on the difficulty families have finding housing. The purpose of this room is a relaxing space for the parents since the children have a separate play area. Children are allowed of course but the room is mainly to serve the adults.

Three months ago it looked like this, barren and empty. The COTS renovation crew came in last month and painted the walls and trim, they also installed industrial strength vinyl flooring for the whole facility, then I took over.

cots family room before

I asked World Market if they would be so kind to donate furnishings and accessories and they agreed because they rock so everything that you see in the space came from their store! I added the plants and a few tweaks and DIY touches, read about them below along with links to all the products. It’s so warm and inviting now!

shelter family room gray yellow

This is a narrow space so I broke it up into two zones, the sectional and media stand allows for movie viewing and at the back are two wingback chairs for reading, talking, or playing games. I also wanted this space to be neutral and slightly more masculine than spaces I’ve done before. Here’s the tour around the space from right to left.

This Harrow Media Stand is a beast meaning it weighs a ton because it’s solid wood, it had to be delivered by truck and required two big burly dudes to bring it inside. The good news is it so sturdy so it will take a lot of abuse and provides great storage, the DVD player arrives this week (missing in the pictures). There is no cable TV at the shelter only DVDs to watch but the organization has more to bring over this week.

framed pictures around tv on media stand

I’m not the first to say this but wall calendars make the best cheap art! I bought the USA Glitz calendar in the store and framed six of the retro pictures around the TV in the black Mango wood frames. Also pictured is the round cement terrarium.

framed calendar prints


framed calendar art


media stand framed pictures around tv

As accents on the right side of the TV I added an Ivory planter and the gray Thai ceramic vases.

calendar 1


I live by the no matchy matchy furniture sets rule, I think the accent chairs should always be different than the sofa so I chose two Triton High Back chairs. The color is "wheat" but really it’s less beige more of a mustard yellow and it’s wonderful.

Also pictured is the Glynn Accent Table. Originally I had a thrift store table I planned to refinish and use in its place but the second hand find ended up being in need of more repair than I thought, also too big; this simple tulip base black table is the perfect alternative.

pair of high back chairs

On the table is the Brass Diamond Table Lamp base and a stack of National Geographic magazines, we have subscribed for 10 years so I brought over some copies as extra reading material. (The bone sculpture and chess set were found in my local World Market store but I can’t find the links online.)

brass diamond lamp

I can’t resist menswear inspired accents like this herringbone lampshade in a subtle chevron pattern with black trim.

lampshade 2

The fabrics are all in yellow/gold and gray tones, on the back window I hung two pairs of Shadow Flower curtains on each side doubled up for fullness. The windows are very tall so these are the 108" panels (three sizes available online) but they’re on clearance so snag them now if you want a set for yourself!

gray and yellow fabrics

I wanted a gray geometric on the chair to contrast the more feminine floral behind it and I found it in the gray tile curtain on clearance in the store (no longer available online) and I stitched up two pillows for the high back chairs using this same technique for easy envelope pillow covers. Except I found an EASIER way to do it with one long strip of fabric and folding them over inside out, that method requires no side hems, I’ll share that soon. Seriously the easiest way to make pillow covers evah.

The gray sofa is the Charcoal Abbot Sofa with a chaise that extends out into the room for lounging, it’s very comfortable and the fabric hides dirt so it’s practical too. The yellow pillows on the sofa I made with this Becco curtain and the striped pillow I sewed together using two villa placemats and this easy zippered pillow technique.

charcoal sofa abstract art

The Greystone Canvas Art is the coolest, I saw it in the store last week and had to have it for the space. It’s described by the artist as "a frozen swirl of lava, a crack in a rock, a flash of ice, a breaking wave" – don’t you love that?? It’s a large scale piece of abstract art that adds drama and fills the space above the sofa nicely, plus bonus: complementary colors that exist in the swirls!

framed abstract art

We added the rustic wood frame to the outside of the artwork to play off the dark wood tones in the media stand across the way. We had leftover stained wood trim in our garage and Matt mitered the corners and framed the artwork – this is a simple DIY trick to make canvas artwork look custom!

The print has flecks of gold in it that reflect in the light, so chic!

flecks of gold

I love all the pieces in this space but I have a little extra love in my heart for this Harbin Side Table in Emerald with a gold stand and agate look glass top, what’s not to love? It sits on the left side of the sofa, and it’s a beauty! There are four colors available only in stores so grab one fast !

emerald table

By the way, that rug you keep seeing is the Tonal Hooked Rug, dark so it’s practical and also a nice contrast against the light floors and with a modern geometric pattern.

furnished shelter family room

Here’s the big shocker, there is no blue in this space ! That is hard for me since I use blue eeeeevvvveeerrrywheeere and I challenged myself to not use it here but in truth there is little blue in the artwork and the planter. Gotta have a touch, can’t resist!

I hope you like the furnished space, but more importantly, I’m just really happy that it will brighten the lives of some families who really need that right now.

*This post brought to you in partnership with World Market. I was not compensated however all of the items featured in this post were complimentary donations from World Market to our local COTS. All opinions are my own.

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