A Walk Through a Coastal Home

Welcome to the South where coastal homes are regular and Southern hospitality is a given. Let’s take a walk through a coastal home that embraces the tones of the ocean with a superior interior style of class. Karen Wyman showed me her hospitality when she invited me into her home located on Cat Island, South Carolina.

A gorgeous exterior will be there waiting to meet you before you even step foot inside

The outside of this coastal home is gorgeous with the long white porch and two beautiful palm trees that fame the house perfectly.

Walk Through a Coastal Home

A front porch with Southern charm

Rocking chairs.. gorgeous plants.. and a ceiling fan to cool off the summer nights.

Coastal Porch

Coastal Porch

The living room

The floors are dark, the walls are ocean green, and the natural lighting coming from the doors and windows compliment this room perfectly.

Coastal Living Room

Coastal Living Room

The white furniture and dark flooring was a wonderful choice as it creates contrast and automatically adds appeal to the living room.

Coastal Living Room

A stone fireplace compliments this living room where you will find fresh flowers, white trimming, and dark accent pieces.

The Kitchen

You will find the same color scheme in this kitchen – dark floors and accent pieces complimented by the ocean green wall. The hickory-colored cabinets really give the coastal kitchen a pop of color!

Coastal Kitchen

Coastal KitchenCoastal Kitchen

The backsplash in this kitchen has tones of blue, green, and grey to meet the coastal theme. The teal jars add just enough color to keep it colorful yet tasteful.

Coastal Kitchen

The dining room

Simple, elegant, and decorated with a single coastal art piece.

Coastal Dining Room Coastal Dining Room

Coastal Dining Room

This house gets better and better.. there is an outdoor back porch

The left hand side of the porch is open and made perfect for a warm summer night. The right side; screened in (to protect against those pesky coastal bugs)

Coastal Back Porch

Even the outdoor design follows that same coastal theme of ocean greens and blues and nautical decor.

Coastal Back Porch

Coastal Back Porch

Wicker furniture and sea shells – it’s almost too cute!

Coastal Back Porch

Lastly.. let’s take a closer look at the coastal decor and smaller details of this magnificent home!

From the use of sea shells, to the use of blue as an accent color , to the choice of perfect furniture – this house pulls together so wonderfully.

Coastal Details

Coastal DetailsCoastal Details

Coastal Details

A special thanks to Karen Wyman for sharing her home with us :)

…even her outfit matches her house – we LOVE it!

Karen Wyman

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