Let Your Designer Be Your Guide

Each year consumers and businesses spend in excess of $40 billion on products for interior design projects. That kind of coin attracts hundreds of new manufacturers, suppliers and artisans annually, hoping to grab some of the business away from the thousands of others who already share in that market.

For consumers, wading through this flood of product can be overwhelming. There are the obvious choices of styles, materials, color, quality, price point, etc. And there are practical considerations, such as energy and water conservation, eco-friendly, and healthy (free of toxins and volatile organic compounds [VOCs], allergies to finishes or fibers). In addition, consumers often overlook or are unaware of the many other aspects of selecting a product, such as its availability or time from order to delivery, transportation charges, installation requirements, warranties and return policies, maintenance, and more. Those who advocate for social responsibility will want also to know about the product’s supply chain and the conditions under which it was manufactured.

You can scan dozens of websites, blogs and online forums trying to find the answers to some of these questions. Or, you can hire a designer. Interior designers have extensive product knowledge and years of experience researching products, as well as close connections with suppliers and their reps. They know the questions to ask and how to assess a product’s fitness, aesthetic and otherwise, for your tastes, lifestyle and needs. Let an expert guide you, and then check the online reviews if you want corroboration of the designer’s recommendation.

Likewise, let us guide you in selecting your interior designer. With our network of select, experienced professionals, we can match you with designers who have a deep knowledge of the products that suit your project. Contact us to learn more. There is no charge for our service, and we provide you with personal referrals tailored to your needs.


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