Made With STILE: Interior Elements

Have you been keeping up with the series on the STILE House? We’re now heading inside to check out the sustainability and energy efficiency science packed into the interior elements and design.

Interior Floor Plan:


Mixing the Roman and Appalachian influences, the STILE House floor plan allows for a large common area for mix-use dining and living, along with a private space for the home owners that includes a private bedroom, a bathroom and utility room. Creating an open floor plan allows for the most functionality and usable space for a homeowner. Each side of the open living space includes a sliding door that allows for air flow and passive air conditioning to occur. The large windows will also allow for natural sunlight to enter the home and help heat the unit efficiently in the winter months.

The house will also be outfitted with all energy-efficient appliances, dimmable LED lighting and a solar car charger for hybrid vehicles.

Solar Chimney:


Are you as intrigued as I am with the solar chimney? This is something I have never heard of before! It’s that black box in the middle of the living room. Not only adding a neat design feature to the house, the chimney utilizes changes in air temperature and density to passively cool the home.

Here’s how it works: during the day, the solar energy heats the chimney and creates high temperatures, creating an updraft into the chimney. Stale air from the room is pulled up and out, while cool air is then pulled in through vents in the flooring that creates a flow of natural, cool air and ventilation throughout the home.

This diagram helps to visualize the chimney’s design function.


Source: Dept of Thermodynamics

OASyS Technology:

Talk about the future! The WVU-UTV team is using an intuitive program that learns the behaviors of the occupants to automatically make energy efficient adjustments and provide situational security protection. OASyS stands for Overarching Automation and Security System. The system compares the household energy levels with statistics, trends and average daily energy usage metrics. After behaviors are monitored and recorded based on the occupants lifestyle, OASyS is programmed to reduce the consumption and automatically adjust things, such as lighting, to save money and energy.

All of the features are streamlined in a mobile and web application that controls all of the Smart Electrical Sockets, lights, HVAC and security system.

These components add up to create a very efficient household! Would you like to add any of these elements to your home?

Stay tuned for the team’s flooring adventures and construction updates coming soon!

P.S. – If you would like to get involved and donate to the team, you can make your donation here.

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