Creating the Perfect Stairs for Your Home [Common Flooring Trends]

What do your stairs look like? Are they wood to match your hardwood flooring or do they feature carpet? It turns out there are a lot of options when it comes to covering your stairs. If you don’t want your wood to match your flooring perfectly, you can opt for complementary colors and species. Or, you can cover the wood with a carpet runner, or even stain or paint the stairs in an interesting color or pattern.

Here are a few common trends we’ve seen in a few of our projects:

Berber carpeted stairs paired with bamboo flooring

1. Combining carpeted stairs with wood flooring. As you can see, the neutral color of the stairs goes quite nicely with the striking beauty of the bamboo flooring below.

White oak stairs with painted white risers

2. Matching wood stairs. Although these white oak stairs match the surrounding floors, the white risers mimic the surrounding walls. This makes the stairs seem to naturally float up to the second floor.

Espresso stained walnut stairs with white painted risers

3. Dark wood stairs. Rather than matching the surrounding hardwood flooring, these walnut stairs were stained espresso to match the banister and kitchen cabinetry (which is right around the corner). The two woods contrast each other nicely, and the matching stain ties the home’s design together from one space to the next. The white risers on the walnut stairs provide an inspiring design element as well.

Hickory stairs with Berber runner

4. Wood stairs with a carpet runner. These hickory stairs include matching hickory risers and feature a Berber carpet runner. In addition to getting the benefit of the plush, comfortable carpet, the hickory in the stairs tie them nicely into the flooring design throughout the rest of the first floor.

As you can see, there are a lot of options for stairs that fit nicely into beautiful home design. Want ideas specific to your house? Come visit our showroom! Our flooring experts can provide helpful suggestions and advice based on your family’s lifestyle, preferences and budget. Remember to contact us for a free in-home estimate, too!

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