A Mayor’s Surprisingly Art Inspired Country Home

When you think of a politician, you may think their home would be traditional and classic. Luckily for us, Beaufort, SC Mayor Billy Keyserling pushes the boundaries of creativity, design and art. On this tour, you will learn very quickly that this is not your every day house; this house is filled with art from all sorts of styles and unique creations. Mayor Keyserling’s house is a surprisingly art inspired country home that will spark your unique sense of design and passion.

Diversity is delicious

The first thing you see when entering Mayor Billy Keyserlings home is a lit up sign that perfectly describes this diverse and artful surrounding.. because yes, Diversity is indeed delicious!

DSC_5716 copy

A delightful walk around the corner will lead you to big surprises

Journey past the front hallway and you’ll be amazed. Trust me when I say taking a walk through this home was mesmerizing  – every direction you see something new.

DSC_5740 copy

The living room… which might be thought of as an art gallery (in a viewers opinion!)

Where do we start? The back wall? The dining room? How about the adorable little woodwork that are sitting on the frame of this living room opening?

DSC_5746 copy

A fireplace to talk about

Can you image having a nice relaxing fire with your friends and family and just exploring the history of the artwork that is framing this fireplace – you would never run out of things to talk about.

DSC_5654 copy

Gullah Art

One thing you will DEFINITELY see down South is Gullah Art work. Here are a few pieces I found extra ordinary.

DSC_5735 copy DSC_5682 copy

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the fact that this DOOR is actually a giant painting

DSC_5673 copy

The Dining Room.. Dinner would never be boring here

You will see a little bit of everything in this dining room.. AND you will even see some live plants to add a bit of freshness!

DSC_5686 copy

A home that is an art gallery must be unique.. meaning, of course it has a stop light indoors!

How often is it that you can walk into a home and see a traffic light framing an art piece with a meaningful quote.

DSC_5703 copy

Eccentric that makes you wonder exactly how the artist came up with such creativity

Yes.. it did take me a moment to figure out this piece, but once you realize what the secret word is your mind is blown!

DSC_5670 copy

An open roof and white furniture allows the lighting to be natural in this house and the furniture to be subtle and not distracting

White trim, soft yellow walls, and neutral colored furniture seems to just connect this entire living room together. The art work really pops!

DSC_5647 copy

DSC_5707 copy

Lastly a sun room that has interesting pieces to enjoy while sipping sweet tea at the end of the night

Hey.. there’s even a stack of books you could read if you really wanted. Although, I’m sure in this house they might be historical and have some sort of artistic significance. <img src="http://s.w.org/images/core/emoji/72×72/1f609.png&quot; alt="


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