Media Stand Styling

The flat screen TV is part of our lifestyle and out in the open in most households. Many homes and apartments lack a built-in entertainment center, so the console or media stand is the next best thing for supporting the TV and housing media equipment.

Several years ago I shared 9 ways to design around a TV but today the focus is on one of the most popular solutions: the media stand. No wonder so many retailers sell several versions, they’re in high demand! Styling a media stand or console can prove a challenge, I prefer simplicity myself but there are many different ways to pull off a stylish display of your own.

simple media stand tv arrangement

style me pretty

 simple console arrangement

jenny wolf interiors

One of my favorite looks is a symmetrical art display around the TV, I did this recently for the shelter family room. Art or photographs that share commonality combined with matching frames is a no fail way to style a wall around television.

symmetrical art around tv

 sita montgomery interiors

symmetrical art around television

 rain on a tin roof

symmetrical art arrangement

 hooked on houses

There’s no need to place the television in the center, these spaces showcase how to create a display with art and accessories around an off center TV.

tv off center media stand

 sharon eiger via houzz

media stand off center tv

crate + barrel

floating console

 jessica helgerson

Here are two opposite yet equally stylish examples of accessorizing, the first uses colorful and symmetrical stacked books, lamps, and dishes, the second image is a more zen approach with layered accents in soothing neutral tones.

 console with stacked books

 waiting on Martha

floating console simple rock arrangement

 peridot decorative homewear

Up the elegance with a mirrored console and create a more formal wall gallery with gilded frames and fine art.

mirrored console wall gallery

lauren hasket

mirrored cabinet wall art gallery

atlanta homes mag

Then there’s the ever popular eclectic wall gallery which allows the art to take the spotlight and detracts from the big black box.

wall gallery behind tv

 a cup of jo

mid century media stand

 west elm

long black tv console

 pottery barn

white media stand abstract art

west elm

gallery wall around tv

 pottery barn

wall gallery around tv

 style me pretty

Dressers are another great solution to act as a TV stand, removing the upper drawers makes space for the media equipment.

 dresser media stand

 cape 27 blog

dresser tv stand

burlap and lace

For those of you with the media stand + TV combo, how have you decorated yours? Simply, eclectically?

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