Ken Fulk’s New Pottery Barn Collection Has Hit Stores — Here’s Why You Should Be Excited:

Ken Fulk leather pommel bench; framed art | Image source: Pottery Barn

Ken Fulk’s new collection for Pottery Barn has hit the stores and in boxes everywhere. And yes, it’s true:

I’m a big fan of Ken Fulk’s work.

I also must say…

It’s about time Pottery Barn took a few notes from the Target and Restoration Hardware playbooks — you know, the one that says…

Makers and designers matter!


Ken Fulk quilted leather sectional; couch / sofa; living room; lamp / lighting; bookshelf | Image source: Pottery Barn

Want to know what else matters?

Signature matters…

Personality matters…

And individuals matter.

And this is a concept that sells, BIG TIME. Finally, Pottery Barn has realized this.

While artisans and hand-crafted, personalized goods everywhere are experiencing a rebirth, from artisanal foods to craft beer; and makers/designers (the people who have talent and a real passion for what they create) are beginning to be celebrated and valued once again, it’s about time a brand as large and profitable as Pottery Barn incorporated this concept into their marketing strategy.


It’s also about time Pottery Barn’s look was updated.

It needed a little drama. It needed some distinction. It needed some non-generic design.

And Ken Fulk has delivered just that.

Let’s take a look at some of his work:

  • His website is as dramatic as his work:
  • A San Francisco based designer and event planner, he has a dramatic flair, as dark, rich colors and interiors seem to telegraph his style.
  • Here’s his home, as published in AD. (And please note: The animal mountings are of deceased zoo animals. No animals were killed for this decor.)
  • Hey brands out there… Pick someone that rings true with your brand, someone creative, talented, and bold who will take your products beyond what YOU imagine they can be. Why? Because people want personality. They want flair. They don’t want generic anymore.

RELATED: Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at their photoshoot!


Ken Fulk tailored canopy bed; bedroom | Image source: Pottery Barn

Hopefully this marks the beginning of a broad range of collaborations for Pottery Barn.

Different looks created with different designers, all with their own point of view, but with the PB image in mind. I think it would do wonders for their brand.

Oh, and by the way: No one paid me to write this post. Yet I’m offering my endorsement of this collaboration by Pottery Barn, nonetheless. 😉


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