Don’t Skimp on Service Providers

Clients sometimes experience sticker shock when they see the full cost of a redesign or remodeling project. It’s easy to overlook all the details and the many supportive services needed to pull everything together and have it turn out according to expectations. Depending on the budget, that may mean having to make some adjustments to the requirements. One place you don’t want cut corners is with tradespeople and other service providers.

Good tradespeople are hard to find, hard to schedule and even harder to keep. You want to treat them well and pay them well. Interior designer Claire Golan who pens a blog “Design Sense” for recently wrote an open letter to contractors, tradespeople, vendors and other service providers chiding them for being less than professional in not keeping their commitments, like showing up as scheduled or finishing a job before moving on to the next. These are people she works with on a regular basis, so you can imagine what dealing with the second string must be like.

As Claire notes, business is speeding up. Designers and remodelers are doing more projects, and clients are asking for tighter deadlines. In addition, there is a shortage of good, skilled labor in the industry. All of which is increasing demand for providers. Ultimately, the quality of a design project depends on the quality of the work that goes into it. Don’t try to bargain with tradespeople. Pay top dollar and get top service.

The interior designers in our network have contacts with some of the best providers. Contact us for a consultation or to learn more about our personalized, no-fee matching service.


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