5 Ways to Remodel with Sustainability

As we’ve shared many times in the past, sustainability is very important to us at San Jose Hardwood Floors. As you begin a remodel, here are a few ways to reduce your carbon footprint and upgrade to an eco-friendly home.

5 Ways to Remodel with Sustainability

1. Hire green contractors. From your flooring to your electricity, make sure you select contractors that focus on sustainability. Not only can eco-friendly products they provide give your home a stunning design element, such as reclaimed hardwood flooring, they can contribute to the overall wellbeing of your family and community as well as the planet. Various sustainability certifications, such as FSC and LEED, let the homeowner rest assured that their home isn’t emitting dangerous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and is keeping the environment intact. Check out this blog post to see how San Jose Hardwood Floors focuses on sustainability as a green contractor.

2. Choose eco-friendly materials. During a remodel, you have a lot of decisions to make. Let sustainability be a guiding factor. Choose hardwood flooring that’s reclaimed or harvested in an environmentally-friendly way (look for the FSC label); opt for energy- and water-saving appliances; install tankless water heaters and high-performance windows; use LED lightbulbs. Green contractors will be able to guide you in making eco-friendly choices for your home as well.

3. Don’t overlook demolished materials. What do you plan to do with your old materials? Think about ways you can reuse them in your remodeled home or look for ways to resell or donate any materials that can be used again.

4. Embrace technology. From a thermostat you can program to a system that allows you to control climate, lighting, electronics and energy from a tablet, opting for modern tools can help you invest in sustainability.

5. Make recycling easy. You’re probably too busy to walk your recyclables all the way out to the bin multiple times a day. Instead, create an in-home recycling center that’s easy to use and conveniently tucks into your kitchen. By making sustainability a simple part of your everyday life, you’re much more likely to keep it up.

Want to know more about ways to invest in sustainability during your home remodel? Come to our showroom to see the variety of eco-friendly flooring options and to find out more about our green contractors! Remember to contact us for a free in-home estimate, too.


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