How to Create Your Own Woodland Themed Nursery

Whether your home is nestled at the foot of a mountain, or you frequently love to escape to a rented cabin, a woodland themed nursery might be the perfect fit for your style.

These warm, cozy retreats are ideal for keeping baby and mom comfortable during the first year. Baby will love the fun animals and colors, while mom will love the sophisticated touches afforded to any woodland nursery.

If you’re considering this theme for your next nursery, here are a few tips to get you started off right.

Wall Color 

Before the crib is built and the shelving is set up, you need to paint the woodland walls. You have a few options to fit in perfectly with your theme.

  • Grey walls give the room a subdued look. It’s neutral so you can add any type of color scheme you’d like. Colors come out stronger in your wall art, blankets, and furniture.
  • Blue hues make nice wall colors for this rooms theme too. Contrast a dark blue accent wall with light blue features for a natural, yet colorful space.
  • A light green work surprisingly well in a woodland themed nursery. Add gold touches to the room to make the colors come to life.

Deciding on which wall color you’d like is no easy feat. Get a few splotches from your local paint store to decide which colors are best for the lighting in your nursery.


Adorable Grey, Silver and Blue Accent Wall from Project Nursery

The Flooring

Your flooring sets the tone for the room too. Before you add any furniture or decor, consider what type of floors you want to have.

Laminate flooring works well in woodland themed nurseries. It’s inexpensive, which helps save on your already stretched budget. Plus, it’s easy to clean once baby arrives. The wood inspired look gives a sophisticated style to the room fitting in perfectly with the forest theme.

Featherstep Casey Key Kronoswiss Woodham Oak Kronoswiss Oak Provence

Forest Friends 

In the woods, having forest friends is a must! Foxes, owls, bears, and raccoons make adorable artwork and artistic displays. Paint your own or buy some from Etsy. There are plenty out there to choose from.

You can also add these creatures to your room by choosing pillowcases and bedding with creature faces. These bring the room even more forest friend comfort.


Adorable Idea for Forrest Friends from Garden Therapy

Rustic Touches 

You’ll be in the nursery as much as your baby. Having a few adult touches can make the room more comforting for you as the parents to be too.

Make sure to keep rustic themed items out of reach of baby. For example, use wooden artwork on the walls. Or, add decals with tree branches to the walls.


Joy Ever After’s Woodland Nursery

Keep It Personal 

Every nursery should celebrate the new life you created with a personal touch. Using pallets or wooden letters, you can easily DIY your child’s name in a rustic way. If you’re handy with the sewing machine, embroider something special with your child’s birthday and name.


Adorable idea from Copy Cat Looks

No matter what personal, rustic, and creature touches you incorporate, one thing is certain. The love for your baby will overshadow all your décor. Congratulations on your bundle of joy!

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