Flooring for Your Arts and Crafts Home, Part 2 [Marmoleum & Luxury Vinyl Tile]

Are you a fan of the Arts and Crafts style, also known as the American Craftsman movement? As you can read in our last blog post, this type of home design focuses on handcrafted quality, local natural materials, originality and simplicity. Hardwood flooring is a fantastic material for this style, but it’s not the only Arts and Crafts option! Here are two more considerations for your American Craftsman home: marmoleum and luxury vinyl tile!

Marmoleum in Your American Craftsman Home

Created by blending wood flour, jute, rosin and linseed oil, marmoleum is a sustainable, durable flooring material with a lot of versatility; it adds a lot of beauty to a space as well.

Curious how marmoleum fits within the Arts and Crafts style? Linoleum, an early ancestor of the material, was very common in the early days of American Craftsman homes. As a more modern version of the historic flooring, marmoleum is naturally colorful (with over 300 colors) and can be used to create period looks that were common in the teens and twenties. Its sustainability fits in nicely with the Arts and Crafts movement’s emphasis on sourcing natural options, too.

Victorian kitchen

Luxury Vinyl Tile in Your American Craftsman Home

Luxury vinyl tile is another fantastic way to add Arts and Crafts style to your home. In addition to a wide variety of colors like marmoleum, luxury vinyl tile can also mimic the appearance of other common American Craftsman materials (including stone, tile and hardwood) at a fraction of the cost. Plus, it’s extremely durable and waterproof, making it a fantastic option for the kitchen and/or bathroom!

Want to learn more about marmoleum and luxury vinyl tile? Come visit our showroom to see examples first-hand and to talk to our experts about how this material may be a good fit for your home! Make sure you contact us for a free in-home estimate, too.

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