Learn How Your ‘Seasonal Color’ Can Help You Choose Your Room’s Color Palette

Jennifer Aniston; house; home; living room; seasonal coloring; color | Image source: Architectural Digest

Many years ago, a book called “Color Me Beautiful” came out. (I think it was in the 80s?)

Anyway, it classified your hair and skin tone as a season of the year. There were kits with fabric swatches that you could throw onto your shoulders to help you discover if you were a winter, spring, summer, or fall. We used to attend color parties where an “expert” would give us our color season after testing the swatches on us.

Well, I was a “winter”. And guess what…

I swear to you that this method was the most dead-on, accurate way to tell which colors looked best on you for fashion and make-up.

“Winter” people look good in cool colors, blacks, whites, and jewel tones. They typically have dark hair, dark eyes, fair skin, and a really striking, high contrast coloring. I would classify the Kardashians as winters.


How does this apply to interior design, you ask? Well…

I’ve discovered that this color system also applies to interiors.

That’s right. I’ve found — especially with many of my female clients — that their personal seasonal coloring often reveals which colors they’d prefer to have in their homes. It’s like they naturally gravitate to them.


Now I don’t purposefully design this way. However

I’ve definitely noticed a trend at play here. Because, after all, people are naturally comfortable in environments that reflect their own color preferences.

I’ve designed rooms for people where we’re done, I’ve felt like the room sooooo fit the client — as in I could see that person in that space without them even being there.


I wish I could photograph each client with the space I’ve done for them so you could understand…

It’s true: This color system is effective.

Instead, however, I’ve captured shots of some celeb homes that I think look like the seasonal coloring of their celebrity homeowners. See what you think.


Your coloring is crisp and distinctive. Winters are rich and intense in hair and eye color. You receive compliments in bold shades, black white, red and jewel tones.

— Color Me Beautiful

Kim Kardashian has such high contrast in her homes: dark blacks and very light whites. She’s definitely a winter.

Kim Kardashian; house; home; living room; seasonal coloring; color | Image source: eonline.com


Your natural coloring is fiery, earthy, golden and natural. The Autumn palette is easy to remember if you think about a beautiful Autumn landscape. You can wear both muted and rich, warm colors like the autumn foliage or exotic spice colors. You receive compliments in shades of the autumn season: moss, rust, terra cotta.

— Color Me Beautiful


Jennifer Aniston looks to be an autumn to me. Decide for yourself by checking out the color scheme in her room that was published in Architectural Digest.

Jennifer Aniston; house; home; living room; seasonal coloring; color | Image source: Architectural Digest


Your overall coloring is the most delicate and understated of all the seasons. Summer is the serenity palette, so you should always avoid harsh contrasts by keeping the entire look calm and in complete harmony. You receive compliments in pastel shades of rose, periwinkle, sage.

— Color Me Beautiful


Martha Stewart has always looked like a summer to me. And guess how she continually decorates… That’s right: in soft color palettes that are easy on the eye and often in pastel shades. And guess what… They look great around her!

Martha Stewart; house; home; living room; seasonal coloring; color | Image source: Architectural Digest


Here are some celebs I believe to have spring coloring: Cameron Diaz, Taylor Swift, Reese Witherspoon. However, it doesn’t appear to me that their home decor reflects their own personal coloring at all. I couldn’t find a “spring” celeb whose home accurately colored them as being “beautiful”. Maybe throwing a few pillows in there with some clear, bright sunny shades would do the trick?

Your coloration is bright and sunny. Select colors that look as if they are bathed in sunlight. Your best color will mirror the color of your eyes. You receive compliments in bright shades: turquoise, watermelon, salmon.

— Color Me Beautiful


Cameron’s home was done by Kelly Wearstler, who I believe is an autumn. To me, the color palette is all autumn.

Cameron Diaz; house; home; bedroom; seasonal coloring; color | Image source: Elle Decor / Interior Designer: Kelly Wearstler 283711_10151155505804606_1389460100_n_large.jpg

Taylor Swift’s NYC apt. is rather dull and very “autumn” in coloring.

Taylor Swift; house; home; living room; seasonal coloring; color | Image source: Harpers Bazaar reese_large.jpg

Reese Witherspoon’s home is gorgeous, but it lacks much color to accent her beautiful skin tone.

Reese Witherspoon; house; home; living room; seasonal coloring; color | Image source: Vogue

So tell me…

Do you gravitate towards color in your home decor that also looks good when you wear it?

I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below. 😉

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