20 Ways to Make a Bed

Over the weekend I popped in to see my new baby nephew and also help my brother and SIL upgrade the look of their bedding in their master bedroom, I’ll share a few pictures tomorrow. I prefer symmetry over eclectic styling on a bed, there’s something about order on a bed that brings calm to a bedroom space yet allows for creativity and randomness elsewhere in the room.

Pulling together a great look for bed linens can be a little foreboding when starting from scratch, but when you break it down into essential pieces and study they layering you can find a look you love that works for you. The layers should always make sense: lighter linens in summer and extra blankets in winter, after all comfort is key!

I like to pull together linens from various sources in complementary patterns and textures, also I’m a believer in restraint in the number of decorative pillows. Balance is affected by width as well, what looks good on a wider king may be too much for a slimmer queen. To follow are 20 stylish examples of both simple and bold bed linens demonstrating a variety of ways to layer linens on king and queen sized beds.

1) Matching white hotel linens (duvet, sheets, shams) with dark blanket for warmth in the same color as the thread, plus two high contrast lumbar accent pillows.

hotel linens with accent pillows


2) White cotton hotel duvet, white pillowcases, three 24” decorative pillows in a bold pattern, graphic blanket at the end of the bed.

monochromatic black and white bedroom

rue mag

3) A trio of solid Euro shams hiding the pillowcases and one long patterned lumbar in front with a colorful blanket on the end of the bed.

euro sham decorative lumbar

krista salmon

4) White sheets and pillowcases, two Euro shams in the same fabric as the coverlet, one accent pillow reflecting the same gray and white palette.

gray and white bedding

solomon fergeson

5) Neutral with texture: white sheets and shams, a subtle geometric patterned accent pillows, and that an oh-so-cozy chunky knit throw blanket.

neutral layered bed linens

mark ashbee photography


6) Four white pillowcases and two decorative pillows, a colorful blanket playing off the color in the curtains and a folded white duvet on top.

blue and orange bedroom

smith brothers construction

7) White pillowcases and shams, a tucked coverlet, two graphic patterned lumbar pillows and a throw blanket, all in soft tone on tone neutrals.

layered neutral bedding

heather hilliard

8) A trio of dark Euro shams with decorative trim to hide the plain pillowcases, two accent pillows in front, a dark coverlet and bed skirt to match the Euro shams.

navy and cream bedroom

steven ford interiors

9) Stacked white pillowcases, Euro shams, striped accent pillows, tucked coverlet, blanket in complementary color, subtle striped bed skirt.

blue and white bedding

house and garden uk

10) Euro shams and duvet with colorful trim, graphic patterned pillows, soft throw blanket in complementary palette, bold bed skirt playing of color in headboard.

layered blue and white patterns

liz carrol interiors

11) Graphic print decorative throw pillows are spaced and propped up by matching hotel pillowcases and Euro shams, a bold velvet blanket repeats the color in the X base stools.

euro shams accent pillows

greg natale

12) White hotel linens with matching thread including Euro shams, complementary embroidered standard shams, and a white duvet.

white shams


13) Colorful sheets, layered coverlet on top with wool striped blanket.

colorful sheets layered blankets


14) Variety is the spice of this bedding arrangement, the sophisticated grays are punctuated with pops of orange found in graphic pillows, the navy shams add dramatic contrast to the pale headboard and sheets.

varied linens

better homes and gardens

15) Cotton pillowcases in simple white are layered here with patterned accent pillows for color plus a decorative fur pillow for texture. (Bonus points for the crushed velvet wingback headboard!)

velvet headboad layered pillows


16) Euro shams and duvet cover in matching fabric, white pillowcases and sheets, two colorful lumbar pillows and a bolster in front.

brown and orange linens

monticello homes

17) Layered linens and pillows in a high contrast single hue including dark sheets, mid tone shams, white accent pillows and a decorative accent pillow; a white duvet with dark coverlet and mid tone blanket.

blue and white layered linens


18) A controlled color palette allows for mixing textures and patterns, printed toile and woven geometrics are balanced by simpler sheets with a touch of color and a basic quilted coverlet.

mixed textured linens

better homes and gardens

19) Monochromatic and soft, this bedding includes three white Euro shams, pillowcases and a white duvet, and three silk pale blue decorative pillows.

white duvet blue accent pillows

20) Simplicity reigns with all white bedding, it’s just so cozy and clean looking.

all white bedding


My go to formula for a full or queen is rather simple, it includes standard shams and two 20-24” decorative pillows + one lumbar accent pillow. For a king or California King, I prefer three Euro shams with two 24” decorative pillows and a lumbar pillow in front. I’ve used duvet cover + coverlet and coverlet + blanket variations in different bedrooms, it just depends on the style and the season.

20 ways to make a bed

What’s your favorite look from the list? Is there a particular layering of shams and pillows you prefer on your bed?  Do you have a bedroom pillow or linen pet peeve?

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