[Hardwood Flooring] Embracing the Beauty of Fall

If you love the colors of fall, consider how hardwood flooring embraces this season’s hues! From the changing leaves and autumn produce, colors ranging from golden to deep, dark brown are popping up everywhere. One of the most natural places to find these beautiful hues year-round is the foundation of your home: your hardwood floors.

Embracing the Beauty of Fall with Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors are available in a wide spectrum of hues. The variety of golden to brown stains can really help enhance the fall color scheme.

It doesn’t end there, though! Once you find the perfect shade for your hardwood flooring, blend in other common fall colors, like yellows, reds and oranges. For example, in the home below, they use orange pendant lights, red and yellow fruits and bulbs with a yellow glow to subtly add fall colors that complement the floor.

Create a rustic style in your home. Fall brings images of barns, woods and nature to mind. By opting for rustic hardwood floors, you’re giving your home a foundation with a natural look and feel. Plus, you can wrap in other earthy materials, like the stone fireplace below, to carry the fall theme throughout the rest of the home.

Rustic Bedroom by Dallas General Contractors Key Residential

Do you want more ideas for embracing the beauty of fall with your hardwood flooring? Come to our showroom and talk to our experts! They can give you ideas about species, styles and stains to consider as you choose the best fit for your family and lifestyle. Remember to contact us for a free in-home estimate, too!

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Top photo courtesy of Key Residential and Lair Photography


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