Made With STILE Series: Competition Start!

Competition Start in California!

The Solar Decathlon Competition has begun! The WVU-UTV Team has made the journey to Irvine, California to begin assembling their solar powered home. In 9 days, the team will have a fully functioning, off-the-grid home! Follow along with the Made With STILE series for competition updates.

STILE House Pre-Construction

Courtesy of the WVU-UTV team, these pictures show the progress of the pre-construction at WVU. In preparation for the decathlon, the team assembled the main structure of the house on the WVU Campus, creating a modular structure that can easily ship across the country. To protect the internal structures during the travel, the team decided to wait until the site build in Irvine to install the flooring, cabinets and high-tech windows.


Setting the Foundation – Courtesy of the WVU-UTV Team


Building the Steel Structure – Courtesy of the WVU-UTV Team


Steel Structure Coming to Life! Courtesy of the WVU-UTV team


Assembling the Roof – Courtesy of the WVU-UTV Team


The Structure Ready to Be Shipped – Courtesy of the WVU-UTV Team

Getting There

The team used 4 semi-trucks to move the STILE House across the country, thousands of miles, from West Virginia University to Irvine, California. The team strategically needed to arrange transportation, package it effectively and plan the logistics of the trip. As you can see, their shipping container modules made transportation and installation one site easy by transporting the full container.


Loading the Trucks! Courtesy of the WVU-UTV Team


Cranes Lift the One Shipping Container to the Truck – Courtesy of the WVU-UTV Team

Competition Start

The WVU-UTV Team was the first ones through the gate and eager to start assembling the STILE House!


The WVU-UTV Team at the Competition! Courtesy of the Solar Decathlon

In the first day of competition, the team got their foundation set and began placing their first module! Next up is the arch. Stay tuned for more progress pictures!


First Day Progress Collage – via WVU-UTV Instagram

Anyone in Irvine? Take your very own tour of all of the houses during the open house times! The Solar Decathlon Village is open 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily on eight days over two weekends:

  • Thursday, Oct. 8–Sunday, Oct. 11, 2015
  • Thursday, Oct. 15–Sunday, Oct. 18, 2015.

For more details, visit:

Learn More About the STILE House Project:

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