Abstracts on Etsy

I figured since I haven’t done a home tour in two years it’s time to get my act together, dust off my camera, and start shooting some pics. But then I realized geez several of the rooms in my house are half decorated and half mess, it’s how I roll, so I’m trying to buckle down and get it done but life gets in the way, ya know? Anyway, part of what I’m trying to achieve before I photograph is freshness, using most of what I have but swapping out a few things here and there.

New artwork helps me to achieve that. While I’ve attempted my own DIY brushstroke style abstract art a few times, I’m always left feeling a little meh at my work so I turn to those who have real talent. I can’t afford to commission an original, God wouldn’t that be nice, “Oh I just commissioned an abstract for the living room loves” but no mama ain’t got that kind of cash so it’s to Etsy I turn for prints that capture the look I seek.

I ended up purchasing two this week because I love the colors and movement – the first will go in the living room, the second in the studio, because abstracts I can’t quit you.

new abstract art

In my online search I found several Etsy artists who specialize in abstract art worthy of your looky loo – hop on over to visit them if you too are as mad for abstracts as I am.

Like William Studio

like william studio

Lesia Binkin Art

leisia binkin

Parima Creative Studio

 parima creative studio

Due Alberi

due alberi

Tahlia Day

tahlia day

So Very Happy Art

so very happy art



If you know of and love any other amazing abstract artists on Etsy, feel free to name them in the comments!

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