Meet the Manufacturer: Beaulieu America [Luxury Vinyl Tile & Carpets]

Are you interested in luxury vinyl tile or carpets for your home? Make sure you consider Beaulieu America for your project! As the third largest flooring manufacturer and the largest carpet-only maker in the world, Beaulieu’s high quality, stylish floors are perfect for creating a functional space with your family’s lifestyle and personality in mind. Plus, as an added bonus, Beaulieu America has a commercial division so San Jose Hardwood Floors can help with your flooring projects in your place of business, too.

Beaulieu America’s Carpet, Carpet Tiles & Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Beaulieu is known for three main products: carpet, carpet tiles and luxury vinyl tile.

  1. Carpets. The ultimate in comfort, this manufacturer’s carpets are available in a wide variety of patterns and colors. They’re the perfect foundation for beautiful spaces throughout your home.
  2. Carpet Tiles. These easy and versatile tiles provide the comfort of carpets with the convenience of individual tiles. This makes it simple to keep your flooring beautiful and replace a damaged area very easily.
  3. Luxury Vinyl Tile. With the look of expensive hardwood and tile, luxury vinyl flooring provides a stunningly beautiful look in a cost-effective way. It doesn’t hurt it’s water resistant, either!

About Beaulieu America

Why do we love working with Beaulieu America? Their name, which means “beautiful place,” fits their company well! They certainly transform homes and commercial properties to striking spaces. In addition to their wide selection and high quality of flooring, they are committed to outstanding customer and community service, too.

Beaulieu America also strives to make a difference for the environment. They’ve created eco-friendly products from post-consumer recycled content and exclusive Magic Fresh® and Silver Release® carpet treatments to reduce indoor VOCs.

Want to learn more about Beaulieu America’s carpets and luxury vinyl tile? Come visit our showroom and talk to our experts! Make sure you contact us for a free in-home estimate right away, too.


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