Insane Before and After House Flip in Ohio

Our friends Michael and Doris from the Wright Group Real Estate are local Cleveland real estate agents, house flippers and loyal Bestlaminate customers. After seeing these photos, we HAD to share this make-over. Trust us when we say this is one insane before and after house flip.

Before –  Scary Curb Appeal 

This is the before with a new door. Notice the old windows and overgrown gutters. I think I would have ran away starting with this…


After – Is this the same house?

Amazing what windows, paint and accents can do to your curb appeal! The house looks beautiful.


Before – Not So Welcoming Entryway 

An upclose look at the old door, horrible paint job and very narrow front entry.


After – Come on in!

Wow! Bright, airy and open. White trim, cream walls and beautiful reclaimed laminate floors really creates an inviting feel.


After – View from the Door


Before – Hallway Off entry




Closed Off Kitchen:

Reigning from the 70’s, this is a classic closed off kitchen with peek-a-boo windows.


Worn and dirty old fireplace.

11846508_870467666382126_617006230757229079_n (1)

After – Open Floor Plan:

Knocking down the walls, refacing the fireplace and adding the flooring really changed this space! We just love the wall color.



Beautiful mantle appropriately sized for the space. Clean, modern and natural.

Wright_Armstrong_architectural-remnants_seaside-pine-dockside_L6656-39  Wright_Armstrong_architectural-remnants_seaside-pine-dockside_L6656-31

Before – Inside the Kitchen:

There’s really nothing nice to say about this.


New Kitchen:

Amazing! A functional kitchen with beautiful cabinets and a huge island will make this a family and entertaining hub.


Can you believe this make-over! We absolutely love sharing projects like this. The flooring throughout the home is Armstrong Architectural Remnants Seaside Dockside 12MM Laminate flooring.

For more information on this listing, click here.

What was your favorite part of this flip?

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