How to Bring Down Chemical and Mould Sensitivities

This post will be a short detour from building material to talk about detox. It can be much easier to bring down sensitivities then to try and avoid all toxins. Even if you are not extremely sensitive you may want to build more resiliency and do more out there in the real world. Everything on this list is something that has helped me or people I know to bring down chemical sensitivities.


I brought down my sensitives quite a bit with the following methods: first I removed my amalgams at a biological dentist. Then I started gently with chlorella and some activated charcoal. Of course, I was in my non-toxic tiny house with good outdoor air so it was the perfect environment to detox in.

I then started a full Shoemaker course of Cholestyramine. Which was intense but immediately brought down brain fog and increased my energy. My sensitivities came down by the end of the course. I then brought in Alpha Lipoic Acid which helped my sleep quite a bit.

The next addition was Bulletproof Upgraded Glutathione Force which brought down my sensitivities some more. Currently, I have added Liposomal Vitamin C, Molybdenum and CBD oil and my sensitivities to chemicals are still improving. That is what worked for me, but there are a lot of different ways to approach detox.

The best approach is probably to try something from each category. The people doing well often used binders, antioxidants, and sauna or coffee enemas. Being in a non-toxic house first does seem to be very important before starting any of the more intense detoxification methods.

Here are of some of the options:


Alpha Lipoic Acid – An antioxidant that also assists in heavy metal detox. User accounts say wait until you are detoxing well and are not getting backup symptoms like fatigue, headache, or queasiness before starting.

Liposomal Vitamin C – Vitamin C helps detox the liver of free radicals.

Bulletproof Upgraded Glutathione Force – Helps your body remove toxins, including environmental toxins such as mould. Also assists with heavy metal detox.


Different binders pull out different toxins. Many people use 3 at a time for intensive detox periods. If you are healthy and want to minimise heavy metals you can use the gentler ones for upkeep or when you are eating fish (like chlorella, pectin). If you are extremely sensitive you should start with those as well, since they are gentle.

Activated Charcoal – Binds to a wide range of toxins including mould, but also binds to minerals so it is tricky to space out with food. Takesumi Supreme is a bamboo charcoal.

Bentonite Clay – Binds to a range of toxins including mould.

Zeolite – A mineral that binds to a number of toxins and metals.

Chlorella – Binds to mercury, mould and other toxins. Does not interfere with nutrient absorption. I had trouble with the iodine content in it.

Modifilan – A seaweed extract, binds to heavy metals amongst other toxins. Also contains iodine.

Cholestyramine (CSM) – prescription drug, promoted by Shoemaker for removing toxins including mycotoxins. The most powerful of the binders. Binds to a wide range of toxins and is especially effective for mould. Particularly ochratoxin.

Welchol – The prescription alternative for those who cannot tolerate CSM.

Psyllium – A fibre that binds to bile and the toxins contained within.

Chitosan – Similar action to that of CSM, Welchol and Psyllium, in that it binds to bile, pulling toxins from the liver. It is made from prawn shells. Chitosan and Psyllium are less effective than the prescriptions.

Modified Citrus Pectin – A likely very well tolerated binder made from pectin. Binds to heavy metals without interfering with nutrients.


Coffee enemas – Detox by producing more bile and stimulating glutathione. More info here.

Infrared Sauna – Toxins are released through the sweat. If you can handle heat, this is a low-cost high returns option.

Exercise – Detox through sweating and stimulating the lymph system.

Micro-Minerals – Having adequate minerals will prevent toxic metals from binding.

Molybdenum – A mineral extremely important for detoxification.

Calcium-d-glucarate – Helps more toxins to be excreted through bile. Noted to be helpful for trichothecene.


The producer of Immunothrive claims that it helped her reduce her mould sensitivities.

A herbalist well known for his treatment of Lyme disease provides this formula for bringing down mould sensitivities.


Chelation IVs tend to be hard to tolerate for those who have MCS but there are a couple more gentler options:

DMSA and EDTA can both be taken by suppository.

DMPS and DMSA can be used with the frequent, low dose, oral chelation protocol by Dr. Cutler. Here is the protocol. ALA is also a used in this protocol. DMSA can be bought without a prescription.


Methylation is used for many functions in the body, including removing heavy metals, improving energy, and increasing glutathione. It is a protocol that should help the body rebuild its detox systems. The Yasko protocol is the most well known, and she offers her book for free online. There is also a forum that is very helpful, though this protocol is best done with a doctor because of its complexity. There is also a simplified methylation protocol.

Brain Retraining:

I’m seeing a lot a people make huge improvements with brain retraining. It seems that once one is in a non-toxic environment, and detox has been added, the brain can still overreact to very small amounts of toxins. This program seems to be helping to re-train the brain to respond in healthier ways. The Gupta programme is one of these programs that I have seen people do really well with.


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