Creating a Home Maintenance Checklist – And Sticking to It

Any homeowner knows that owning a home is a huge responsibility and can become a little overwhelming at times. If you own a home and need a little help staying on top of things it might be time to create a home maintenance checklist.

A home maintenance checklist is a way to keep tabs on the tasks needed to maintain a healthy home and ensure things are running smoothly. Being proactive in the upkeep of your home will make things last longer which will save you money in the long run.

Here are a few tips and tricks on creating and maintaining a home maintenance checklist:

Getting Organized

In order to be successful at keeping your house in tiptop shape you first need to get organized. To do so, create a household binder to serve as the reference or instruction manual for maintaining your home.

A few ideas on what to include in the binder are:

  • Pocket for receipts/warranties for appliances and other expenses
  • List of contact information for businesses, contractors, and maintenance crew for future reference
  • Paint chips of paint colors used throughout the home
  • Home maintenance checklist of specific tasks
  • Calendar breaking tasks down to daily/weekly/monthly assignments

If you want to create a binder that is all-inclusive you could take it further to include financial information, storage inventory information, medical details for all family members, vehicle records and upkeep checklist, and much more.

Creating Your Home Maintenance Checklist

The key is creating a home maintenance checklist that is tailored to your home and is in a time frame that is achievable. If you need help getting started, a quick Internet search will yield many examples of home maintenance checklists.

Here is a list of items Better Homes and Gardens recommends doing monthly and seasonally:


  • Remove mineral deposits from faucets and showerheads
  • Clear all drains of clogs or debris
  • Clean filters of dust from your furnace
  • Refill salt in your water softener


Spring Cleaning:

  • Vacuum clean your dryer vent
  • Replace batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Clear debris from gutters and spouts
  • Clean windows inside and out, including screens
  • Power-wash sidings and do paint touch ups or small repairs
  • Inspect your roof and have any damage repaired
  • Refinish your deck
  • Re-caulk sinks, bathtubs, and showers
  • Clean air-conditioner filters


In fall, follow all the same suggestions as in spring, plus:

  • Clean and prepare your fireplace for use; have it inspected.
  • Drain and winterize all plumbing
  • Fill cracks and gaps in your driveway
  • Deep clean carpets
  • Dust and polish furniture and fixtures

How do you keep track of home maintenance in your own home? Do you think getting organized will help?

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