Aging in Style

Odd as it may sound, one of the hottest trends in architecture and design this year is design for aging. As more and more baby boomers approach retirement age, they, and their adult children, are thinking about the house they are going to live in over the next few decades. Many already are making modifications to their current home or drawing up plans for their next, best home. And today, they have many more options than they would have had even a few years ago.

Design for aging has, well, matured in recent years. Gone are the days when “age-friendly” meant institutional. Today’s age-friendly homes incorporate accessibility, safety, security, and ease of maintenance in contemporary and stylish designs using the latest appliances, fixtures, technology, materials and colors. These are homes designed for a casual but active lifestyle. Spacious, open layouts provide ample room for entertaining and family gatherings. Rooms can be easily adapted to suit multiple purposes, such as a home office that quickly converts into a guest room. They also are eco-conscious, designed to maximize the use of natural light and to conserve energy and water.

Whether you’re thinking of remodeling or buying a new home or condo, an interior designer can guide you through the many options available to make your next house your best house. Designers have an in-depth knowledge of the materials, products and techniques to seamlessly integrate age-friendly enhancements into the look that complements your taste and lifestyle, ensuring you will “age in style.”

Let us help you find the designer that’s just right for you. We provide tailored designer referrals at no cost to you. Contact us to schedule a personal, confidential consultation.


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