10 Must-Have Rustic Chic Home Decor Gifts!

Image source: Burke Decor

Image source: Burke Decor

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I really love a rustic chic style; it’s kind of my own style.

And even though I like to work on all kinds of projects, it’s especially fun when I get a project that aligns with my own personal aesthetic.


I’ve done a little shopping.

For me, for you, and anyone you know who has this similar style in their home.


This style combines texture, natural materials, some bronze, gold, and silver metallic touches.

I like touches of black for contrast, rustic wood tones, and maybe one accent color. The more varied the colors you put in a space are, the less likely the natural, textural elements will stand out. So I’m not a fan of a cacophony of color in spaces that are designed in this style.

I do like large, oversized items. That tray is large and gorgeous; we used it in a client’s home recently for her coffee area. It’s quite impressive.

Click here to purchase!

Click here to purchase!

I’ve used the bronze knot several times on projects, it’s sort of my go-to accessory, and it’s becoming a bit of signature for me. It appeals to many and works in lots of different types of spaces. Everyone picks it up and handles it, as it feels good to the touch.

Click here to purchase!

Click here to purchase!

Petrified wood decor items are so hot now. I love these nesting tables from Interlude. They can go anywhere to help fill in a room and add a little style.


This little shopping trip below has some items that would be perfect gifts for the rustic chic style lover in your life.

Happy Shopping! 😉

10 Must-Have Rustic Chic Home Decor Gifts!


Decorative Banded Knot


Zambia Bowl Horn


Declan Bone Tray


Ikat Bands Pillow


Throw Pillow


Storage Box


Drop Vase


Brass Bowl


Nesting Tables


Alabaster Frame


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