Last Minute Tips for Protecting Laminate Floors During Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is almost here! It’s every food-lovers favorite holiday. Unfortunately, it’s also the day when pots get dropped, wine gets spilled, and food gets tossed around the dining room.

As you gather around your table to give thanks for the food before you and the family beside you, don’t forget to take care of the floor below you.

Although durable, laminate flooring is can be dented, stained, and scratched when not taken care of properly. On holidays like Thanksgiving, it’s not uncommon to see these damages unfold. As much as you would like to think you are paying attention to everything, you may wake up the day after Thanksgiving to see a wine spill that you missed that has now seeped into your floor.

You have enough to worry about this Thanksgiving. That’s why we’re offering you a few tips for protecting laminate floors during your Thanksgiving feast.

Tip #1: Use an Area Rug

The majority of the spills will happen at your dining room table. When the wine starts flowing and conversations get more and more lively, there is a good chance that someone will drop a glass or spill some food. That’s not a problem if it’s cleaned up right away. If it’s ignored, someone could slip on it or it could cause your floor to warp. With an area rug protecting your floors, you don’t have to worry about that damage.

Photo By Photo: Janet Paik © 2012 Houzz

Tip #2: Leave Shoes in the Mudroom/Entryway

Most of the country is knee deep in snow or rain. With wet weather, comes snow, mud, and salt that get dragged inside with winter boots and shoes.

Make your guests feel more at home, while protecting your floors, by asking them to remove their shoes before coming in to your home. Have them leave them in the mudroom or entryway on a towel or rug. Offer some extra cozy socks or slippers to your guests if you have them! Let everyone enjoy some comfortable, cozy warmth while you relax without worry about the abuse your floors are getting from the extra foot traffic.

Tip #3: Have a spill kit ready.

Thanksgiving Tea Towel from Aftcra

Thanksgiving Tea Towel from Aftcra

Spills are bound to happen. When they do, you’ll need to act relatively quickly so that no one slips and falls, and your floors don’t get damaged.

Prepare a small spill kit to have on hand so you can reach for it, clean up the spill, and get on with entertaining. Put a paper towel, dry cloth, and any laminate flooring cleaning solution in an easy to reach place. This way you’re prepared and more relaxed.

Tip #4: Prepare your furniture.

Couches will be pushed around, chairs will be pulled out from the dining room tables, and your floors will be at risk of getting scratched in the process. Before your guests arrive, make sure each chair leg has a small piece of felt underneath it. That’ll reduce the chances of dirt and added pressure from scratching the floors.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner worry free with these tips from Passion for Home, Bestlaminate’s blog. We hope that you are able to spend this day with your family and loved ones. Eat, drink, and be happy!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Bestlaminate!

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*This post was updated from 2014 to give you a better reading experience and better tips on how to keep your floor looking good this Thanksgiving!

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